How to Plan Cheap Holidays to Egypt?

Planning your holiday is crucial even if you are financially limited and can't afford a great budget on this special vacation or holiday to Egypt. Nevertheless, a well-planned excursion to the valley of the ancient pyramids can pay off in the long run, if you follow what we are going to teach you in this article. There are no magical secrets here, except a list of things to do and places to visit that you might need to follow. In case it succeeds, you'll be able to enjoy your holiday at its best without being obliged to purchase those terribly boring and extremely expensive all inclusive packages and trying to figure out a way to do with all those facilities which are basically not really necessary, especially if you are planning to visit various places all day long. So, here is the information that you need in order to learn how to plan your cheap holiday to Egypt in order to take maximum advantages of what you see, where you go and how much money you spend. I believe that every wise person should be aware of certain accommodation opportunities before heading on a holiday. What do you think? In order for you to take out the most even from the cheapest holidays to Egypt, I really suggest you guys to go through the next tips that we are going to share. This way you are close from auto-guaranteeing yourself an unforgettable experience, maybe somewhere close to your loved person, during a honeymoon holiday to Egypt or just on another ordinary family trip to the lands of the pyramids and the world's biggest River NILE!


You are definitely going to waste a lot of time and money if the first thing that you are going to do is not visiting the temples (all the existing temples) of Egypt during your holidays. I don't want to say that this is the first compulsory thing to be done, but you should realize that sooner or later you'll need to do it because otherwise it won't work (remember that you have kids and maybe a wife aboard, who are reading books, know history and certainly heard about these places). Anyway, the temples are a great way for you to totally enjoy the beginning of your holiday trip and to show your family that the hot weather is just something so insignificant in comparison with all the amazing tourist destinations that you might have the chance to see. Everyone knows that Egypt got its popularity because of the magnificent temples; there is a several nights cruise along the well-known Lake Nasser next to the Abu Simbel temple that you can book. Besides the cost that you'll pay for you holiday offer package, this is the second extremely necessary thing that you'll need to invest your leisure money in if you want to have some unforgettable memories.


Even if millions of people are seeing these magnificent human build stone structures that are staying up thousands of years already, more and more people are coming each and every year to Egypt in order to take advantage of their beauties and amazing architectural achievement. If you want some really exotic emotions next to the pyramids, then I suggest that you guys get something to eat and organize a picnic close to them. If you aren't messing around, no one is going to say anything. However, there is even a historical house called "The Mena House Oberoi" nearby that works as a hotel and can provide all types of accommodation, including a hotel and restaurant in case you are tired, hungry or thirsty. Those people who are visiting these places while looking for a special type of experience are more than welcome to enjoy a never seen before breakfast while enjoying the extraordinary mighty pyramids. Just imagine something like this…


Most of the people who are not fond of thinking outside the box when it comes to their travel experience never thought about that it might need necessary to change the perspective of watching those pyramids, valleys and temples for a different type of experience. Nevertheless, everyone got used to watch and visit these from the land. How about trying something new? I'm sure that you'll like to see these fantastic monuments from a little bit different perspective, let's say while cruising on Nile or while being in the air, in a hot balloon ride, ABOVE the pyramids themselves. I think that booking such a ride is something that you won't have the chance to experience anywhere in the world. It is a combination of two absolutely exciting things that might happen to you. The first one is visiting the ancient monuments of Egypt and the second is to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Totally mind breaking experience. To be honest, this balloon thing is my personal favorite attraction in today's contemporary Egypt! I don't think that there is something cooler then to be able to glide of the air and look at various tombs, monuments, etc. Sailing down the River Nile while experiencing the beauty of the same monuments is something really amazing as well, but once again I repeat, my personal favorite is the balloon :-)


I've blogged about scuba diving in the Red Sea on your Egyptian holiday before, in a previous article. The purpose of this reminder is to show you how important is not to forget about things that you can enjoy and bring closer when you go towards the Red Sea. It is something outstanding that you won't be able to experience anywhere else in the world. After the whole massive and crowd hassle of monument and site visiting is over, you can find the peace you need for several days when retreating towards east, to the shores of the beautiful Red Sea. What's also nice to be aware of is that most of the resorts situated on the beaches of this Sea are only two hours away from the Pyramids so you could once again watch those unique monuments from far away and enjoy the golden sandy beaches at the same time and the sea of course.


I don't know why I forgot to mention about Alexandria while talking about cheap holidays to Egypt on this site. Probably because this is the perfect time to mention that this city, while being considered the ancient capital of the Greco-Roman Egypt is one of the most charming places on Earth – HONESTLY! It is famous for the well-known for its Bibliotheca Alexandria (The Library from Alexandria) built by King Farouk I which is nowadays a museum of various interesting antiques. Don't forget to visit Alexandria on your next holiday to Egypt. There are many other interesting activities that you can do while in Egypt, enjoying the "cheapness" of your vacation. However, it's your choice of selection and you are the only one held responsible for the fun your family is going to have, so watch carefully; don't forget about scuba diving, Nile cruising and the old markets of Sharm el Sheikh where you can buy a bunch of cheap and interesting souvenirs.

Cheap Holidays to Egypt – Nile Cruises

Why not take advantage of those magnificent night or day time cruises on Nile during your holidays in Egypt? Do you think you are going to have this opportunity sometime soon? I really doubt it! So, next time you are in the mighty land of the pyramids and you think that there is nothing more to be seen, get your family on a beautiful Nile cruise and you will be offered the chance to see all the Egyptian landscapes from a totally different perspective. Those who have tried it can easily confirm that a cruise on the largest river of the world is a perfect way to spend one of the last days of your holidays in Egypt. If you don't know where to start from when choosing, don't worry, take a deep breath, because there are plenty of cheap and affordable Nile cruise holidays to select. There are many local companies offering all kinds of cruises, but usually traveling from Aswan down to Luxor is best to do with the Oberoi Zahra Cruise. It might cost you a little bit more because it is a luxurious choice. Guys, don't underestimate cruises on river Nile during your Egypt holidays. It's a great ways to visit the well-known temples, stunning pyramids, ancient tombs and beautiful landscapes. When selecting the luxurious type of cruise that we mentioned above in the first paragraph, your trip will inevitably begin with Aswan. This is the sunniest city of Egypt located at its ancient borders. It is located in the southern hemisphere at about 90 miles south of Luxor. In comparison with the northern cities of Egypt, Aswan has a different atmosphere that you'll notice – an African one. People say that Nile is the most beautiful in these parts and they are totally right. After visiting Aswan you'll be amazed… you'll simply remain with your mouth open and won't have anything else to say. This is how great the mighty River Nile really is in these parts. Cataract Hotel can serve all your accommodation needs while in Aswan, waiting for your cruise. When sitting at the front balcony, you'll be able to overlook the beauty of Nile since it offers the chance to enjoy a magnificent view of the River. Nevertheless, even if your Nile cruise begins in Aswan, instead of waiting I recommend you guys to visit the Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Egyptian God Osiris, and considered one his burial places. Abu Simbel is another famous symbol of Egypt and Nile. I would like to say that no holidays in Egypt (cheap or luxury) are complete without visiting Abu Simbel and delighting with the magnificence of this amazing architectural piece of art. However, you can take a look at this absolutely breathtaking archaeological site and top tourist destination when going for this Nile cruise. (I would like to admit that while I am writing these lines I'm getting more and more excited and I want summer to come for me and my family to go on our Egyptian cheap holiday and especially on this amazing cruise once again. I CAN'T WAIT!!!) Abu Simbel is made of huge temples build in rock and is located near the Lake called Nasser. There a many different periods of the year when you can arrange your budget holidays to Egypt. However, if you want to feel the vibes of the festival that is going on the 22nd of October you'll do a great pleasure for all your family! There is a great lights show. I'll admit that I haven't (yet) had the chance to watch this, but I am extremely excited! Your cruise is almost over because you are close to Luxor, the final port of your Nile Egypt holiday traveling. However, after arriving, you can easily find a way to arrange an nice excursion for both your kids, friends and relatives to the Valley of the Kings that is situated not far away from this port in Luxor. There are many English speaking guides out there who offer their services for a decent price. If you want to be able to understand something and not just take pictures and look around, hiring a professional guide for several hours is a must. During your "cheap" Egyptian holidays you can also visit the great temple of Luxor that is not far away where you can see a lot of mummies. Its alternative name is the "Mummification Museum". Don't forget to pick up a few souvenirs for your loved person since you never know when is it going the next time when you'll be able to go on this amazingly cool Nile cruise during your holiday in Egypt and who will join you. Nile cruises are awesome folks, no comments!

What Can You Get from a Cheap Holiday to Egypt?

I have no idea why most of the people who are fond of traveling think that cheap holidays are worthless. Today I plan to talk about these kinds of vacations to Egypt and to prove that you can get a bunch of fantastic emotions and exciting adventures when deciding to buy a cheap holiday offer to Egypt for your family. The idea is that no matter what time of the year it really is, Egypt is all the same with its Pyramids, the hot Sun, the Sphinx and the monuments, Nile and the amazing Nile delta. Did you know that Egypt proved to be a popular touristic destination ever since the pyramids and the awesome ancient monuments appeared on the world map? And it seems that no matter what it is going to happen it will remain so more and more years to come. Besides the unique attractions that you can experience during any particular excursion that you can go for, besides the scorching sun that makes you drink several liters of water per day when visiting certain places, Egypt has a lot of many more interesting attractions that you guys and your family can take advantage of. They say that people on cheap holidays that have reduced travel budgets need to head towards Sharm el Sheikh since they are going to find really affordable accommodation offers here. Rather decent self catering apartments at two stars and hotel rooms at three stars can be found in this old city of Egypt. However, if you want to hit it big you might want to get the best out of Sharm el Sheikh by figuring out a way to get one of those all-inclusive holiday offers which appear to be quite cheap in reality. The difference between self catering in a two stars apartment and all-inclusive cheap holiday offer while in Egypt is that fact that when going for the second choice you'll have much more free time for visiting the beautiful historical monuments and it won't be necessary to wake up early in the morning and head towards to the market in order to buy something to eat for you and your family. When talking about all inclusive, it means that they basically take care of everything related to your accommodation, in exchange for the money in your pockets. These all inclusive deals are great sometimes, while in other cases you become too lazy and don't even bother to visit the pyramids because you feel too good in the room of your hotel. Remember that I once told you guys that the Egypt is the land of miracles when it comes to low priced accommodation offers. The thing is that once in a while everything has to be experienced in this life and this is the main reason why I have to tell you folks that even if most of you come to Egypt while having a really tight budget, this doesn't have to stop you from affording three of even four star hotels with a little bit more luxury because if you carefully do your homework and study the less agglomerated months of the year, it is quite real to stumble upon a lot of good looking prices, promos and even discounts at many rooms. Don't be amazed when they tell you that the package holiday offers are too expensive. Pricey might be different for various persons. Try and check the costs yourself. If you have the budget to afford a three start all inclusive one week stay at an amazing Cairo hotel during your trip to Egypt then you are good to go. Don't forget to save some money for paying for the excursions that you'll go for and everything else will be taken care of at the resort or hotel that you stay at. Remember that these things are quite real when talking about Egypt! However, during my first holiday to Egypt I noticed that some of the offers that you put your hands on while booking your vacation might have other cultural activities and excursion included and in this case you can totally enjoy your holiday without even trying to bother about organizing something yourself. Egypt is the place to go when such accommodation options are available for you to get. The best way to find such cheap holiday offers to Egypt is by shopping around for them on the internet. In comparison with most agencies that activate in the "real world", internet travel companies that have such vacation packages are always eager to meet your "pricing frustrated endeavors" by going ahead and pushing discount for people who use to book something using their services. Use the internet to shop around and you can definitely save a lot! So, are you still wondering what is possible to get from a cheap holidays to Egypt? I guess you aren't… and even if you are, you can post any comments and I will answer them with delighted pleasure! There is a lot to be seen and done during your Egypt holiday!

Cheap Holidays to Egypt – Diving in the Red Sea

Today I'll share with you another cool chapter of those interesting things that you can take advantage while on your cheap holiday to Egypt. It's not expensive, it's not really dangerous, it is extremely fun and exciting and sure thing is highly accessible for most of the people who are fond of it. Ladies and gentlemen, would you like to take advantage of scuba diving during your cheap holiday to Egypt? There are many places that you can dive around the world, but when it comes to the land of the mighty paradise, you'll dive in the hot Red Sea! Narrow and sheltered shores are responsible for the abundant marine life that exists in the second sea that Egypt has access to – the red one. Now we are going to ramble a little bit about why scuba diving is one of the recommended fun activities during your budget Egyptian holiday. Well, the thing is that there are nearly two hundred hard and soft species of coral and almost one thousand invertebrates and close to another hundreds of different exotic species of fish. The amazing gamma of colors that those fishes have makes scuba diving one of the most exciting practices when you are close to the Egyptian Red Sea. So how can you imagine enjoying scuba diving in the Red Sea without all the diversity in marine life? I don't and this is why I first decided to go diving first of all, which was in Egypt by the way! In other places of the world, when you are on your holiday and planning to go diving, there are certain things that you need to take care of and one of them is the temperature of the sea. Well, here you don't have to, because in most of the cases, the average water has at least 26 degrees Celsius. Visibility won't bother you since the sea is extremely clean and you'll be able to admire the ocean life in HIGH DEFINITION guaranteed. You might experience problems when going diving during a rain storm, but who does this kind of thing anyway?! I personally go diving in the Red Sea when the water is super clear; do you? All of the above mentioned factors which are crucial for amateur diver are what make your cheap diving holiday to Egypt really something to pay close attention to. So, even if the Red Sea shares it's coastlines with plenty of other African countries, Egypt still remains one of the best spots for diving holidays! Well, the fact is that I… really didn't want to mention this when I first started blogging here, but one of the main reasons that I keep flying to Egypt each summer during our usual family holidays, especially on a cheap budget, is because I simply love to leave on the beach for one entire week and practice diving each and every day! I'm so fond of it that I can't really stop. Egypt, holidays, scuba diving, Red sea – this is what makes me happy for more than five years already! Now I promise that during my next holidays I'll take pictures of myself and post them on my website. The problem is that living on the beach is not always ultra-modern and safe and it's pretty hard to charge the batteries of your notebook or digital camera. What I started to notice lately is that those Egypt holidays that include Red Sea diving are becoming more and more popular lately (no, not because of my article he-he), but because the opportunity to see the amazing marine life this sea is getting more and more foreigners and diving enthusiast come here and try it. To be honest, if you come to Egypt just for the historical monuments, Nile and diving into the Red Sea, it's amazingly CHEAP! Scuba diving in the Red Sea has built up a great reputation for these holiday travel offers to this country, especially in the zone of the sea. Another important aspect that you guys must be aware of is that there are plenty of affordable hotels and resorts on the Egyptian shores of the Red Sea that provide quality accommodation options and food for those divers that come to these places from all over the world. If you are an experienced diver and want to see the beauties of the Red Sea during your holiday to Egypt (that you managed to get really cheap), you need to explore the "belly of the sea". Do you know what attracts most people to these places? Well, the fact that this sea has witnessed A LOT OF SHIPS getting drowned here and most of these can be seen today during any scuba diving session (sounds cool, right?)! Ladies and gentlemen, stop worrying so much about all those unnecessary all inclusive offers to Egypt. This country has everything back-up at extremely low prices if you head towards an amazing diving holiday in the Red Sea!

Cheap Holidays to Egypt – Going All Inclusive?

All inclusive options are usually quite expensive, but not today, when talking about Egypt. In these parts of the world, everything is extremely cheap, including holiday vacations. However, there is a slight difference in prices and in the expectation of people when going to Egypt. If you plan to stay in the luxurious five star hotels all day long and do nothing except getting yourself exposed to the sun and eating ice cream than I guess that your all inclusive vacation to Egypt is going to cost you the same as in most other countries of the world. Nevertheless, going the traditional route of having the old school Pyramid excursion during your vacation will give you, your kids and your family to learn a lot and save a bunch of money when dealing with a limited budget. Usually, it's not always right to seek luxury opportunities during your holiday vacations because if you are having everything you want you won't even be able to visit the beautiful old market in the center of Cairo and many other interesting touristic destinations that might be of great interests for both you and the people that you brought to Egypt. Any cheap holiday to Egypt must start with accommodation, but I honestly don't see any need to stay somewhere outside of Cairo at a five star luxury hotel when you could find an ordinary two or three star hotel somewhere in the middle of the capital of the Egyptian land. This won't give you a lot of headache since getting to know Egypt better should be your main priority when heading for holidays with your family and relatives to this amazing ancient country with awesome traditions and great places to visit. All inclusive vacation offers in such places to Egypt exist, but I really don't recommend stay all day long in a resort hotel when there are so many places to see. After getting myself burned once when I decided to take my whole family on a vacation to Egypt in all-inclusive luxury hotel that was a part of the vacation package that I paid for, I thought that it's necessary to stop others from committing the same thing. I calculated the time necessary for an average person that has a car or any private transportation to visit all the major most important tourist attractions in Egypt and believe it or not, but seven entire days (with ten hours per day) are not enough for you to manage to be in all those places. But now imagine that you get a really expensive all inclusive vacation when coming to Egypt and instead of staying at the hotel, under the umbrella, on the beach, all you do is walk through the arid sun on the footprints of the mighty ancient Egyptian civilization. Why did you pay for the amazingly expensive hotel at all if you don't stay there? So I think that you guys see why it is so important to plan your actions for your holiday leisure time that you want to be cheap and think about what are going to do from the very beginning. If you want to go on various excursions, Nile cruises, then why the heck to did you select that all inclusive holiday offer to Egypt? Isn't that hilarious? Cheap holidays to Egypt are cheap because people want to know the ancient monuments better, while taking advantage of the escorted guided tours and not sleeping under the umbrella, on a beach in a five star resort somewhere on the Egypt's shore of Mediterranean Sea. Even if luxury has no limits for some people, I really recommend some other type of accommodation when going to Egypt because there is a great pleasure in walking through their markets, buying souvenirs, purchasing extremely cheap fruits and vegetables and getting to know the ancient and contemporary local culture better. Nothing else is going to offer you the chance to get closer to the people and their type of life then living among them. How is this going to happen if you choose to live in a hotel among people from the same country as you are? River Nile is a cool attraction as well, being one of the major rivers of the world. However, a good and cheap Nile vacation is possible if you search for such offers a little bit and not sleep all day long in your five star luxury hotel room. The mighty Nile is almost 4,000 miles long and is considered a natural barrier between the eastern and the western parts of Egypt. There are some really nice vacations you can take advantage while going on an excursion that has a cruise on Nile included. There are plenty of these, some quite expensive, while other totally cheap. You can find middle priced one and ask them to host your family and to show you the mighty Egyptian monuments directly from the waters. Traveling on Nile offers you the chance to see all the same monuments that millions other people do just from a totally different perspective. Egypt offers the chance to enjoy its beauties even when going for nothing better than a cheap holiday to this part of the world. Nevertheless, you won't be able to maximum take advantage of all the above mentioned spots and destinations if you select those all-inclusive offers and sleep in the hotel all day long :-)

Touring Cheap Holidays to Egypt

While some people are fond of touring and spending their holiday time vacation on the beaches of a luxury hotel somewhere on the shore of the Egyptian Red Sea, other prefer touring all the way down to the borders of the country and not stay in the same place. They consider this to be much more fun and educational than getting your skin burned while just sleeping all day long. Touring makes visiting the most outstanding destination spots of this country a reality. Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts here on this blog, it is the place that everyone should visit at least once (in their lifetime not year of course). Egypt has lately become a very popular place when it comes to cheap touring packages that you can take advantage of during your holiday or vacation. I mentioned that those who visit the country just to spend some days on the wonderful beach resorts are resting passively and are wasting their time and money. What I really like about touring cheap holidays to Egypt is the fact that a person has the opportunity to learn something new besides just getting exposed to the hot sun and have a few dips in the ocean or see. These touring holiday offers, however, aren't for everyone. Being rich doesn't always mean being educated and understanding much. Even if Egypt has been known lately for their ultra-modern hotels, golden beaches and great sunshine, you are missing everything if you come from another part of the world just to take advantage of these kind of amenities which every country with access to the sea basically has. Egyptian history is nowadays extremely well documented (at least the known part) and it would be a pity not to fully visit the most beautiful places of this country during your vacation and not take the necessary time to see the unique sights and stunning monuments and architectural beauties it has, even from ancient times (that's thousands of years ago). This is what Egypt touring is all about. And while most believe getting involved in such excursions can be quite pricey, let me tell you that it is not. In fact a touring Egyptian holiday can be quite cheap, if you know where to get it and how to get it at an affordable price. Forget about the great beaches and five star hotels during the time that you are in Egypt; pyramids are what need to be visited in the first place. If you haven't discovered by now, pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, so why not take this chance directly by the hand and make maximum use of it? Get closer to know the real Egypt, which is the ancient part of it, not the contemporary facilities created to take the money of those people who have nothing else to do with them. Traveling in a guided tour is what makes touring holidays in Egypt even more interesting, because you are not only just seeing monuments and taking pictures, you also hear about them and learn a little bit of history from here and there. I really recommend touring cheap holidays to Egypt when planning to take your family with you especially if you have kids. They are going to love this experience much more than staying under an umbrella all day long on the beach. Such opportunities make traveling to Egypt a really worthy deal and not just a waste of your money like it would happen if you would only rest and not do anything else. Don't worry if you don't speak Arabic because they are aware who their main visitors are and in most of the cases they'll combine elements of the local language (when naming the places, the monuments, ETC) with perfectly fluid English. Escorted tours during any Egyptian holiday are what most people are looking for. In fact it is quite hard to understand much when you don't have a guide to help you out. You can see the major sights on your own during any holiday, but without a person who is aware of most of the things you won't be able to live the same experience. They know how to make it unforgettable for the people who choose these offers. I remember that my kids really enjoyed themselves! Everyone is going to like cheap escorted tours during their affordable holidays to Egypt since plenty of interesting information about Cairo, Pyramids, Necropolis, Valley of the Kings, Red Sea, Nile and Sphinx is being shared with you. This is what kind of experience you should be looking for. Remember that the modern Egypt is much more than just resorts representing the modern day world holidays which don't give you anything except fun, sun and peace to rest and to whatever you want. Time to think and choose what suits you and your family and your kids (if you have them) when planning your cheap holiday to Egypt!

Cheap Holidays to Egypt – Top Destinations

Planning your unforgettable summer vacation holiday to Egypt without taking into consideration to learn a little bit more about the top tourist destination that you might have the chance to visit is not very wise. In this post I plan to share with you folks what I really liked during my past visits to the land of the pyramids and what you should also think about passing by when this is possible and your cheap holiday package offer such possibilities. Nevertheless, while you can learn a bit of everything when trying to get more info about the touristic spots in Egypt that worth to be visited, don't make the mistakes of seeing new places as well, those which we won't manage to mention in this particular guide right here. The stories of the royal ancient Egypt civilization are still alive in the Valley of the Kings, making this particular country one of the few places on our Earth were the contemporary urban culture meets the beauty if antiquity that is thousands of years old. I know a lot of people which have a strange way of thinking when it comes to holidays, traveling and accommodation in various parts of the world. While sometimes they are right, Egypt makes an exception from the main laws. Try to understand that a nice holiday to Egypt that includes the visiting of all possible top destinations doesn't necessary have to be extremely expensive and unreachable for ordinary people like you and me. I think that it's time for me to reveal my biggest "Egyptian" secret that stands in the background of why this particular country is one of those that I visited so many times in comparison with other famous spot in this World. Well, the reason is quite simple: HOLIDAYS IN EGYPT ARE CHEAP especially those offered by most travel companies which sell vacation packages to the realm of a former might ancient civilization that had the courage to build one of the most magnificent architectural monuments in the world that have no challenges among the modern edifices. The idea is that your holiday to Egypt can and will be quite cheap and affordable, even when dealing with a really limited budget. We've talked about last minute offers in another article here on this site and it seems that the list of cheap packages to this place doesn't stop here. There are plenty of more promotions and discount offers that any person can easily take advantage from in case you are in the correct place at the correct time. You holidays endeavors to Egypt won't make you go bankrupt because you are going to be able to pass through all well-known museums, temples, big cities, valleys and spots with just a very small budget. Egypt is actually one of those few destinations that tourists can take advantage from when seeking opportunities to plan a cheap Egyptian holiday, especially in case of limited family income. There are so many interesting places in Egypt to visit and there are so many things that can be done to enjoy your leisure time that the thought of going there over and over again is going to be present in your mind from this moment on, just like it does to me. Egypt's modern and contemporary culture and history is present in a lot of nice cities that you can choose to spend your holidays in, at least when passing by. Here it might be necessary to mention Cairo, Alexandria, Taba, Sharm El Sheikh and why not Hurghada. My first trip to Egypt started in its capital Cairo, where I arrived at the airport with a first class airplane. I guess that you can hardly imagine the total number of beautiful places and amazing tourist spots that Cairo can offer to its visitors. That's why I always place Cairo as a number one destination when it comes to suggesting someone ideas about how to spend cheap holiday in Egypt. So there is one main answer to your questions "which are the top destinations to visit while on your holiday to Egypt?" it's CAIRO. When you arrive in the capital of this country, head towards the Cairo museum of antiquities first and then visit the Khan Khalili market. These are the spots that might be quite interesting for you. Another great option for you to enjoy while on your cheap but interesting holiday to the lands of the pyramids (Egypt) is the city Sharm El Sheikh, which is located on the coast of the Red Sea and represents another great alternative in case you missed Cairo and are looking to see the amazing marine life that ancient Egyptians had the chance to see as well. There is something really special about the holidays in this Sharm El Sheikh and this is … SCUBA DIVING! Did you ever think about trying scuba diving during your cheap holiday to Egypt that you were so sure is not going to offer you anything else except the pyramids? I really doubt so guys! I really do… Anyways, the Old Market is another great place to visit in Sharm El Sheikh. It is famous for its amazing and delicious dining options, where those who are on vacation can get familiar with the taste of the Red Sea food in many restaurants. The next amazing spot that people who are on their vacations or holidays in Egypt might be interested in visiting is Hurghada; and it's not just a spot, as I expressed myself above, it is a great city! Lately, it has grown and become one of the most visited destinations in Egypt. While in ancient times it was one of the biggest fishing centers, nowadays it has more than one hundred different hotels which various modern facilities and amenities. You can take advantage of surfing and sailing on the beautiful beaches (but I really doubt that could be a part of your cheap holiday package). Taba is another preferred tourist destination in Egypt due to the existence of an international airport here which provides direct charter flights to Europe and other parts of the world. This increased the number of people who are enjoying their vacation in Egypt quite a lot. If you are looking for the coolest beach destinations in Egypt, choose Taba! Spending your cheap holiday in Taba can be really exciting since it is a little bit diverse from all the other major attractions and destinations that you can see during your vacation, yet it is also a part of Egypt. Don't miss the above top destinations of Egypt (Cairo, Taba, Hurghada, ETC) while on your holiday because you are one step away from seeing everything that represents the ancient land.

Last Minute Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Another great way to take advantage of some of the best cheap holidays offers to Egypt is by figuring out how to get a last minute one. In summer of 2008 I had to fly to the country of pyramids for a business meeting, and my partners told me about this a few hours before this meeting had to begin. Believe or not, but I had no other option that to call the first air plane ticket agency and to order a ticket to Alexandria. Well, I was extremely pleased that there were five last minute tickets that I could take advantage of, but they were selling those together with another extremely affordable cheap vacation to Egypt. In order to take advantage of the huge last minute discount for that ticket (which I remember it was like 50$ dollars or so, really cheap) I had to purchase the holiday package as well, even If I really didn't need it. However, the thing is that less than for several hundred dollars I got my hand on a cool holiday trip offer to Egypt plus first class airplane tickets. I was pleased. These last minute cheap holiday air plane tickets to Egypt saved me a lot of precious time and money. What really happened is that after arriving in Alexandria and going to that business meeting I decided that it would be a total waste of money not to remain for another five days in that country and enjoy the cheap holiday package that I manage to put my hands on. After all, it was a really nice all inclusive one at a great discount. I honestly didn't know something like this was possible. But don't forget once again that my name is Lucky and it's not just a name. Anyways, those five days were one of the best vacation days I enjoyed in my whole life during the last thirty years of traveling. Something like this cheap didn't ever happen to me. I hope that sooner or later you'll also be able to locate a last minute vacation to Egypt and take advantage of it like I did back in 2008, almost two years ago already. This cheap holiday travel option to Egypt had a really nice aquatic Nile tour that I never had the chance to experience before. We had the chance to see one of the most prominent valleys in the history of mankind from our great yacht directly from the middle of the Nile River. This yacht travel opportunity of Nile in Egypt was definitely one of the most magnificent things I had ever experienced in my life. The valley of Nile is considered to be one of the biggest oasis in the whole world, hosting a great variety of living beings. I assume that my trip was a successful one both because I managed to get it at a really good discount and secondly for the reason that enjoying a this cheap cruise on river Nile is more than amazing – it is something that people are looking to go for their entire life. I am so excited when writing this because I almost live again those wonderful moments, since the very beginning of calling that travel agency and getting my last minute cheap air flight ticket, than decided to go for the cheap holiday offer as well, and all the cool moments I had the chance to enjoy after arriving in Alexandria for those five days, that's 120 hours of great time, because to be honest I was resting like three or four hours per day. However, as I mentioned before already, the best thing that happened to me during my last minute cheap holiday to Egypt was deciding to go for that awesome cruise and to enjoy the unique opportunity of traveling down the might ancient lands and the enigmatic coastlines of the ancient Egypt. Folks, when you go to Egypt you'll certainly stumble across absolutely amazing scenery – guaranteed! I haven't had the chance to meet one single person that said he or she didn't like something about Egypt. So let's get back to my last minute Egypt cruise (in fact I nearly made it to my cruise, because I was late for fifteen minutes and because I managed to call them they decided to delay it just for me – isn't that awesome?) on Nile. I remember that we departed directly from the port located in Luxor and traveled through all the existing well known places like the exceptional Valley of the Kings, their mighty Necropolis and all the temples that can be seen on the coastline of the mysterious Egypt. Even if you are not an archaeologist and don't have any scientific interest in the monuments of ancient Egypt you are still going to be able to adore their beauty, stunning structures and massiveness. That's basically it! Things like getting really cheap holiday offers to places like Egypt when trying to buy a last minute ticket is something that not happens each day. However, letting it pass and not taking advantage of such opportunities means that you don't really get what you are missing. Don't stay away from such occasions my friends. Egypt is one of those places that you are simply obliged to visit during your life! To be honest, even if I had no friends or family members close to me during this trip, it was one of the best holidays in my life, even though it only lasted five days. I'm not going to forget it ever in my life. It ended with a visit to the Cairo Museum which I really like and I will definitely describe in another post.

Why Choose Cheap Holidays to Egypt

I honestly think that it's a pity to live your life without taking advantage of the cheap holidays to Egypt that you can get in order to see what remained from once a spectacular past of the Egyptian civilization. Those who love traveling know what I am talking about. If you folks are looking for a different type of vacation to enjoy together with your friends, relatives or family and you are sick and tired of your usual trips, then Egypt is going to provide you a totally new experience. This is the place to go during your next leisure time period. Besides a little piece of introductory information about Egypt that I am going to share in this article you will also discover the reasons why should one choose a cheap holiday to Egypt and not go for the extremely expensive ones. The accommodation options that you can get while in Egypt are pretty awesome and I honestly recommend this to each of those who are definitely trying to find out something new. While most local people that have no interests in the beauties of pyramids and the sphinx itself, they Egypt to be just a piece of sandy land somewhere in the Northern African continent, situated between Libya and Gaza. However, this country is taking advantage of great tourism when it comes to their economy because people from all over the world are coming to see one of the most spectacular monuments that humans once created. That's why I personally consider that it won't be easy for someone to refuse a low price holiday for Egypt, especially when it's available during a promo with a discount even! Such exciting travel opportunities are quite difficult to find nowadays. When it comes to the Egyptian land, this country can afford to do it because they have one goal, to provide any type of accommodation that people are looking for. But, those who visit it absolutely don't pay attention to the hot and dry climate during the day and the freezing during the night time till early in the morning. Despite the problems with the climate, Egypt seems to receive one the highest number of tourists each year. It really doesn't matter if you are looking for luxury five star hotels or want to simply take your family on a trip, on a simple cheap yet unforgettable holiday during your vacation, most of the accommodation options that you will want to experience are here waiting for you. So, there are things which one might need to consider before either choosing or buying a holiday package to the lands of the pyramids. It doesn't matter which one you choose, the memorable experiences are guaranteed. Egypt is one of those countries that I had the best time in, even if I got myself burned by the sun during the day time and got almost frozen to death in the desert once, from a simple mistake, yet something that I won't be able to forget my whole entire life. Now, everyone is going to ask me how did it really happen? I promise that I'm going to tell me story of getting lost in the desert during one of my last minute cheap holidays to Egypt in a different post here on this blog. In my opinion, this country is basically the ideal destination to enjoy your cheap holidays. While going for a cheap offer in European country is not going to please your expectations, here, in Egypt, everyone is pleased because there are so many awesome historical monuments to visit and a bunch of tourist spots where you can experience amazing adventures. So this is why choosing cheap holidays to Egypt makes your option a good one. You don't need six star hotels to enjoy while visiting this popular cultural nation of the Middle East, a place where once a mighty civilization evolved. A lot of my friends already visited Egypt, but they stayed there a few days only because of the lack of time. However, our planet is quite small and it is a pity that most of you don't plan your vacations wisely just because of being too ignorant. One my friend John got a very nice holiday vacation offer for visiting the Giza pyramid complex and the Great Sphinx. He liked it a lot and he only paid several hundred dollars I guess. It really doesn't make any sense for you guys to refuse such a great travel package to one of the most enigmatic places on Earth – Egypt. Everyone agrees that no cheap holiday tour to Egypt can be considered fully complete without visiting the historical monuments mentioned above and without seeing many wonderful rock temple complex like Abu Simbel for example. So why not take advantage of the available cheap vacation offers to this land, after all, they don't cost too much. There are plenty of online agencies offering cheap holiday offers to Egypt. All you need to do is do your online research and you'll easily discover most of them. I personally think that it would be a pity not to visit these stunning structures of the world, at such great prices.

It's all about Cheap Holidays to Egypt

A lot of people visit Egypt on a daily basis, and a lot them actually afford to enjoy those amazing cheap holidays that the realm of ancient pyramids has to offer. However, if you are one of those persons that really like accommodation of this kind we urge you to try, at least once in your life to book an exotic vacation package for you, your friends or your family by taking advantage of one of those really amazing cheap holidays to Egypt that you find around. We are not going to advertise any particular holiday offer on this site since we are a pure informational blog. Anyway, talking about the scene of the available holidays is what we planned. Stay tuned because all the information that one must know before attempting to spend your leisure time while enjoying holiday in Egypt is going to be available here, at You should not save money when it comes to cheap accommodation, especially if you can afford something like this. Look at it as an investment in your leisure time. Those who work hard deserve a cheap vacation, in a good hotel with all the possible facilities that are available these days during holidays of such mark. Most of our visits to Egypt (either business or just travel) we often meet people that would like to find out more about different cheap holidays packages. Believe it or not, it's hard to find the necessary available free time to explain them some tricks and tips related to how to book a cheap room in good hotel and take advantage of some good sale prices. Then my wife told me that it would be nice to create a website and always redirect those people to a reliable resource of information that is going to be updated quite often. Everyone ca afford cheap holidays, especially in Egypt, but those who do deserve to have access to all type of information. We plan a lot of future projects for this blog and mainly because there are some really interesting cheap holiday offers out there that some of you, our visitors, might definitely be interested in. Egypt is a very old country with exotic traditions, pyramids, ruins, Nile and desert. The Mediterranean shore, in the Northern part of the country has lately become one of the most ultra-modern tourism infrastructure building regions of the world. If you have Google Earth you can take a look at those places from the satellite and you are simply going to be amazed about what is currently being built there. When talking about Egypt cheap holidays, then it's all about enjoying yourself. There are different cool and exotic, never seen before (for some of you) places in the World that deserve to be visited. However, if you never had the chance to visit Egypt and to enjoy its amazing night life in one of those amazing cheap and sometimes cheap hotels you missed a lot. We urge you to make up your mind a plan such an unforgettable vacation to the land of pyramids as soon as possible. Even if the beauty of ruins, old artifacts and history belongs to the Egyptian people, we can also take advantage of the beautiful sandy landscapes from the balcony of your chosen cheap holiday in Egypt. By the way, my friend can arrange some really affordable flights to any destination you like. Are you interested?

Useful Egypt Travel Tips:

You will need a visa that costs $15 (US) per person. You can buy this in £ sterling or US$ on arrival for stays of up to one month. Please contact the Egyptian Embassy or Egyptian Consulate nearest you. Book your tour early enough through a trusted travel agent to avoid troubles in booking tickets, hotel reservation and daily tours. Buy a good guide book "Egypt: Lonely Planet" and educate yourself about Egypt before visiting. Pets may enter Egypt, provided you provide a certificate of origin and a health certificate. There are no forms for this, but a dated, signed letter is acceptable. Remember to declare your valuables when entering Egypt or they may be confiscated upon your departure. This applies especially to computers, photographic and video equipment, which must have their serial numbers recorded by customs in your passport. In crowded areas keep your money, credit card and important paper in a safe pocket. Remember to drink lots of cold water during your open air tours; as you can easily get dehydrated in summer. Avoid public displays of affection between the genders. If you're visiting a mosque or other religious sites: Take off your shoes, and cover your head if you're a woman, before going into a mosque. Don't enter during prayers. Don't eat, drink or smoke in public during the day during the holy month of Ramadan. Don't photograph bridges, canals (including the Suez Canal) or anything even remotely related to the military or government buildings. Taxis are black-and-white (Fiats or Ladas) so hailing a cab is never a problem. When hailing a taxi yell out a district or landmark near your destination and if the driver is heading there he will stop for you. The fair-meters in the taxis are never working so discuss the price and don't pay till you leave the taxi. Keeping the taxi's license no. is a good idea in case you forgot something in the car. You can get a private car with a driver and tour guide booked via your tour agency while going to the sightseeing. Never take a taxi to these places as they are professional in ripping you off. Take the longer trips on the Cairo Metro and leave the taxis for short hops. For train trips outside Cairo, it is highly recommended to book an air conditioned first class train. Do be prepared for unwanted attention if you're a woman traveling alone - it's best to travel with a companion outside the main tourist areas. You'll undoubtedly be whistled at or talked to in the street. If approached, always say that you are married. During sightseeing, you might face some hassling by vendors which you can simply avoid by saying thank or "laa shokran" = "No thank u" and you are going to notice that it works like magic! Still it's nothing to worry about, people love foreigners they might approach you with a hand shake or ask to get photographed with you, or try to practice their English. They can show you directions too. Women drive their own cars, or walk alone and find it safe. Egyptians are generally friendly and kind. Tipping or "Baksheesh" is very common but not a must, adding 10-15% is ok on the bill in a restaurant. Bellmen, doormen, drivers expect a tip which you can decide yourself if they do a good service. Street beggars are expected so be careful.